I work on the Bipolar UK chatbot and eCommunity and over the past fortnight I have noticed questions about how to manage homeschooling whilst also dealing with bipolar.

I am not a parent but I have seen younger family members, friends and colleagues juggling working in a bedroom or at a kitchen table whilst tutoring and supervising kids who are keeping up with school. It looks hard, even if you are not living with a mental health condition, so here are some tips and resources you may find helpful both for you and the kids

Supporting everyone’s mental health during covid times

  • For you - make sure you are looking after yourself
    • Connect with things you enjoy
    • Maintain good sleep
    • Eat well
    • Exercise if you can


Tips for bipolar parents around learning

  • Take any advice/support your school is offering
  • Designate a space at home for schoolwork so child/children and you know the boundaries and there is other space to relax in and switch off
  • Get your child/children to put on school jumper/sweatshirt to indicate school time


Resources and ideas for parents who are homeschooling

Remember these are extraordinary times and bipolar perfectionism can be excused for now - good enough will do. You are not likely to be a trained teacher and even if you were, working with your own children is different. Here are some ideas educational experts are offering:


De Montfort University: Home schooling tips for parents of primary school children

Ideas for structuring the day and being creative at home with learning 

Guidance from UK government on structuring the day

Some details on this page about school opening are out of date (as of January 2021) but the ideas for homeschooling are helpful

BBC Bitesize

The BBC Bitesize homework service has adapted to lockdown learning with learning resources for all ages and advice for parents

Colourful heritage

Scottish school resources about South Asian history

English, History and Religious Studies from the British Library Learning Zone

Specific resources from the British Library to support parts of the curriculum

Natural History Museum - Investigate at home

Ideas for at home science 

Science Museum - Games and apps

Activities to download or play online 

Tuntimo - a Black history resource

Primary school materials focussing on Black achievement through history