Ghosts have arrived by Drexler

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 (18th-24th May in the UK), London-based composer Drexler has released the track, 'Ghosts Have Arrived' – the second single from his upcoming debut album 'Handles'.

Drexler (Adrian Leung) a London-based instrumental artist, composer and producer from Sydney, Australia has worked together with filmmaker Ben Ogunbiyi to create a music video that deals directly with themes of mental health. This year’s theme (from the Mental Health Foundation) is kindness and with 100% of the download proceeds of this track (for the month of May) going towards charities that support those struggling with mental health, we thought this was a beautifully moving and a fitting way to end Mental Health Awareness Week.

The music video is inscribed with the words “to those lost in darkness, there is light at the end of the tunnel”. Dealing with themes of mental health, the film follows a collective of souls who are trying to find their way. They carry with them a burden of struggle and sadness, which is contrasted in the film with a sense of optimism and enlightenment. This is a reminder that although everyone is on their own journey – with their own peaks and valleys – we should always try to live with hope.


"The concept for 'Ghosts Have Arrived' came from my own perception of what isolation feels like and how it is to feel separated from the world. Having dealt with mental health throughout my life, this piece was a great way to share my own experiences with the audience and the grand belief that ultimately, light will triumph over darkness." – Ben Ogunbiyi

On the theme of Kindness: "We have all recently been living in uncertain conditions and what has kept people going during this period are acts of kindness. People helping the elderly and those at risk, rainbows being hung in windows, communities clapping for frontline workers each week. Our film looks at the need to be kind to ourselves – to give ourselves the time and space to mend, breathe, and get past our struggles." – Drexler/Adrian Leung