I was diagnosed as having Bipolar II at the end of 2017.  In some ways it was like a light bulb moment and explained a lot of things from when I was a young teenager.

At diagnosis I was in a bad way.  I’d gotten to the point where my marriage was on the line and I was struggling with life.  The only thing that was keeping me sane was walking with my two dogs Meg and Max.

The winter of 2017 was very dark in more ways than one.  I started walking the dogs more and more and as a result made new friends who had had mental health issues, and as a result i got invited to take part in the Chiltern 50K Challenge .  Due to the help that the Bipolar UK website gave it made sense to do it as a sponsored walk for Bipolar UK.

During the summer my depression lifted, helped by the gorgeous weather we had and the walking.  One weekend I had free my friend was doing the Jurassic Coast 100K Challenge.  I ended up signing up for the same challenge and completing it in 28.5 hours, having walked at most 15 miles before that.

This meant I went into the Chiltern 50 confident I’d do 50K.  I completed the walk in just under 11 hours which was something of a personal best.

In 2019 I’ve signed up for three more 100K challenges.  I’ll be doing the Isle of Wight challenge, Peak District Challenge and South Coast Challenge, all to fundraiser for Bipolar UK.

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