Jeremy Clark is one of our trustees and is also a Co-facilitator for one of our Peer Support Groups. Jeremy has a particular interest in mental health in the workplace and gave a speech on Bipolar Awareness Day to his team at the Department of Health. The speech covered activities he is organising for World Mental Health Day 2016 but he also talked about living and working with bipolar:

"Celebrating Bipolar Awareness Day and World Mental Health Day is important to me because having a mental health condition at work can be a double-edged sword.

If you disclose your condition, you can take advantage of the organisation's support and get help from your line manager. But you might not get the job in the first place and disclosure may be career-limiting in an organisation where people discriminate.

On the other hand, if you keep quiet, no support is available to you and if you have problems, they are likely to be worse because no one knows what's going on or how to react.

If we can talk openly about mental health in the office and plan ahead about how to deal with episodes, we can reduce their likelihood and impact. I am fortunate in having a very supportive line manager and we work together to minimise the risk of me suffering ill health.

I have pledged to talk openly about my condition at work but I quite understand if others feel unable to do so, as they may not work for an organisation as accommodating as mine. But I hope that before long, talking about mental health at work will be as normal as talking about high blood pressure or a gammy leg."