Hello to my fellow troopers and supporters,

Christmas is nearly upon us and as many of us know all too well the festivities can be a lonely and overwhelming time, that is why Bipolar UK's Peer Support Line, which acts as a vital link to many living with bipolar, is set to be busier than normal around the festive season. The lovely Luyando Malawo, who I interviewed recently, lives with bipolar and has used the Peer Support Line in the past. She told me she can see how it saves lives.

Being sectioned

In 2014 Luyando thought her every waking moment was being filmed. Just like the Truman show, the box office success starring Jim Carey, she believed her life was scripted with the whole world watching. Things came to a head when she ran at social workers with a large knife when they turned up at her door. On the police’s arrival, she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983. 

More people like Luyando are opening up to the incredible teams around the UK and together they are continuing to eradicate the stigma of mental illness. Bipolar UK is there to support those in need. Its aim is to ensure it is able to fund peer support services like those which have helped Luyando as they provide vital assistance to those who are vulnerable.

Thanks to people like you they will be able to help thousands affected by bipolar each year. Christmas is a difficult time for many, but it’s also a time for reaching out, spreading love and showing compassion to those less fortunate. In the video you can hear from her account that she found it so reassuring to  speak to someone who also has bipolar.

With your donation, Bipolar UK can help thousands more by running additional peer support groups and finding new ways to educate people about the condition (or superpower as I know some of us like to call it). There is no generosity too big or too small and your gift this Christmas will help people with bipolar live healthier, more stable independent lives and, for example, get back into work. 

  • £20 funds a call back for someone with bipolar who would benefit from speaking to one of our trained volunteers
  • £50 enables us to produce 50 information leaflets so more people know of our services, including the support line
  • £200 covers the average cost of a peer support group meeting which could ultimately  support someone back to work

The demand grows larger and larger as people turn to Bipolar UK for help and it will be there to offer the life-changing support people need to manage their condition… But we need your help.
Supporting Bipolar UK is easier than ever. You can even give online today (right now… Seriously, click the link here – it’s that easy).

As I always say and will forever remind you that mental illness is crippling, exhausting and can be embarrassing but it is not a failure in our strength and character as humans.

I hope you enjoy the festive season, be kind to yourself, give yourself a break, tell those closest to you you love them and here’s looking ahead to a bright 2020.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you brave, wonderful humans.
April x

Bipolar UK, Media Ambassador