Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN) is the largest network of individuals with bipolar disorder and related mood disorders in the world.

Bipolar UK has new research partnership with the BDRN

7000 people from all over the UK who have bipolar disorder have now taken part in our studies and continue to help us with our ongoing research through the network. The overall aim of our research, is to find out more about the causes of bipolar disorder and related mood disorders, such as unipolar depression.

To achieve this we investigate how genetic factors and environmental factors (such as stressful life events) interact and influence susceptibility to bipolar disorder. It is hoped that by increasing our understanding of these factors developments may be made in the prevention and treatment of this debilitating disorder.

All BDRN participants are also invited to join True Colours an online mood monitoring system

True Colours enables individuals to monitor their mood in an active ongoing way by completing weekly quick and simple questions about their mood (taking a maximum of 5 minutes to complete)

The system has been designed at the University of Oxford and will help BDRN to learn more about how moods symptoms change over time for individuals with bipolar disorder. It will also help to show how mood is affected by changes in routine, such as sleep.

Answers are converted into a graph that can be printed off, and over time will show changes/patterns in mood. Participants can also create personalised questions to match up with their known triggers and early warning signs.

You can read the personal experiences of a BDRN participant who is currently using True Colours on our blog

If you'd like to find out about taking part in BDRN or would like to join True Colours, visit the BDRN website or contact the team directly on 01905 542 880 or [email protected]