Mentoring takes place over the phone and you can receive support wherever you live in the UK.

What is the Mentoring service?

Our Telephone Mentoring service offers one-to-one support for people with bipolar, as well as for family members and loved ones. Our Mentors are individuals who have a diagnosis of bipolar, or have first-hand experience of living with someone with bipolar, and are trained in order to deliver the mentoring sessions.

Mentoring sessions take place over the phone at pre-arranged times and we can offer up to six sessions (each sessions being for up to one hour once a week). Individuals are linked with one of our mentors who will listen, provide support, advice and practical information in order to enable the individual to better understand and manage their bipolar diagnosis and symptoms.

How to access this service

The service operates through a waiting list system and individuals need to complete a self-referral form in order to be placed on the list and waiting times may vary. If you would like to have a chat with a member of the team regarding the service and how it could be of benefit to you, request a referral form or have any queries as to how the service works, please get in touch.

You can call us on 0333 323 4458 or email us at