What is a Youth Support Group?

Our Support Groups for young people are open to anyone aged 18-25 as a drop-in and those aged 16-17 by appointment following assessment. We occasionally run closed groups for younger people (please contact us directly for details).

Our Support Groups are open to anybody who is affected by bipolar and run by a member of the Bipolar UK Youth Team. Support Groups are a free, confidential place for people affected by bipolar to share information, discuss personal experiences and talk to other people in similar situations. There are no medical professionals at the meetings unless they have been invited to come and talk about a specific topic of interest.

What do you talk about?

By sharing your experiences you can feel more empowered and part of a community of people who understand what you’re going through. You don’t have to talk about your personal experiences but you will always have the opportunity to contribute if you want to. You don't have to attend every meeting and you can choose which group you attend. Some people come to every group meeting and some people go to more than one group.

Where are the Support Groups held?

We currently have groups in London and Cardiff. Use our handy map to find details of your closest group.

Who comes to the Support Groups?

A wide range of people attend our Support Groups for young people, including people who have a diagnosis of bipolar, are concerned about mood swings or who support a friend or family member who has bipolar.

For more information about the support groups and our Youth Project, please contact us on 0333 323 3880 or [email protected]