Three Christmases ago, Jenny* was at her lowest ebb. She’d recently been sectioned after her medication had been changed.

“I’d just about reached breaking point. I was transferred from one hospital to another – sometimes in handcuffs. Always alone. No one told me anything.” 

“Then my new medication started to work. I came out of hospital, and started to work in peer support at Bipolar UK. It’s my job to help other people living who are feeling like I did. I love knowing that I’m helping.”

Now Jenny’s making a huge difference to people’s lives, but we urgently need to do more. And we can only do that if we have more funds.

It costs £8.88 to empower someone living with bipolar to stay safe for a month.

So if you could give £30 this Christmas, you could help give them the support they need until well into March next year. That means you could enable one more person to stay well and reduce their suicidal thinking for three whole months.

There is no time to waste. One third of respondents to a recent survey carried out by Bipolar UK told us they had experienced more suicidal thoughts during lockdown.

We know that the second lockdown has been even more difficult for many people. And when you add to that the extra strain that Christmas always brings, we know we have to be there for everyone who needs us.

Currently, we can only reach one in every hundred of those people. This Christmas, will you please help us be there for more of them?

Thank you

Always remember, we are here to talk. Speak to our peer support line

* This is a real story and sadly we know this story is repeated across the country throughout the year as people with bipolar often struggle to get the right support. For online versions of this appeal we have changed the name of the person telling the story to protect their privacy.