Extra support for major changes in your life

What is Bipolar UK Transitions?

Many people experience their first symptoms of bipolar in adolescence. Bipolar UK Transitions offers you extra support when you need it most. We offer one-to-one ongoing support to help you and your family through difficulties and issues that you may be facing.

Who can access Transitions?

We offer UK-wide support that is available to anyone aged 16-18 and their families affected by bipolar. You do not need to have a formal diagnosis.

You could be experienceing difficulties with mood swings, maintaining work or education, or managing relationships. You may be wondering if the symptoms you're experiencing are linked to bipolar. No matter what your question, we're here to help.

What support can I receive?

Email & telephone support - we're available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm to answer calls or respond to messages. We offer ongoing support with a dedicated Youth Officer so young people and their families receive support over a period of time.

Support work - if you have a diagnosis or are concerned about the potential of bipolar, we currently offer outreach support in Bristol and Cardiff. This is solutions-focused, one-to-one support with our transitions officer.

FAQs and leaflets - there is a range of information on our website signposting you to the right support

How do I access the service?

We accept self-referrals and will work with other professionals who may be seeking addtional support or information for their clients. You can contact us on 0333 323 4459 or youth@bipolaruk.org