We are inundated with requests to work in partnership with research organisations and so we have developed the following protocol

If you are interested in working in partnership with us, please read our Research Institution Protocol below and then contact us on [email protected]. Owing to demand we are unable to accept all research requests received.

Research Institution Protocol

Bipolar UK acknowledges and supports the need for research into all aspects of the bipolar condition. We work in partnership with research teams and institutions and request all institutions interested in working with us adhere to the following protocol.

Bipolar UK will consider partnership working requests from research teams and institutions. However the demand for partnership working far exceeds what is feasible and we are unable to work with all research teams. We therefore request you contact us as early as possible in the development of your research proposal.

Successful partnerships involve two or more organisations who have developed and implemented a research proposal. We therefore request you approach us at the early stages of your research formulation.

Your research proposal will therefore fully incorporate partnership working with the national bipolar charity, an agreed remit and level of involvement and an associated budget.

All research projects must have full ethical approval from the appropriate statutory body.

Researchers must provide Bipolar UK with feedback on completion of the research, either by supplying a copy of the completed report or an executive summary with information about how to access the full report.


Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to assist students with essays or research projects. Our website does feature a lot of information and resources which you may find useful.

You're welcome to use this information for your own use and for use within projects, taking account of your own responsibilities to cite sources.