Our mission is to empower everyone affected by bipolar to live well and fulfil their potential

women and bipolar webinar, part 1 - video catch up

Dr Clare Dolman and Natasha Naomi Rea discuss the effects of hormones on women who have bipolar. This is the first in a four part online series, sponsored by Hypatia, in memory of Caroline Hinchliffe.


Author: Michael Morgan

Gordon McInally talks providing support for people with bipolar

Rotary International President nominee Gordon McInally shares his views on the vital importance of providing support for people with bipolar disorder in this film


Author: Michael Morgan

Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis: What do you do with the hand you’ve been dealt?

In this blog Benjamin outlines the length of time it can take to obtain a diagnosis and the warrior spirit he deployed on his journey.


Author: Michael Morgan

How do we speak to someone who is suicidal?

Emma Belle is back with another episode of our podcast series. This week she talks to Chris Brown, Suicide Prevention Expert and educator about how do we speak to someone who is suicidal?


Author: Michael Morgan

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