We provide peer support services to empower people affected by bipolar to live well

hypersexual behaviour survey

Take our survey about past and present experiences of ‘hypersexual behaviour’ (unusual or excessive concern with or participation in sexual activity) in people with bipolar


Author: Michael Morgan

Cost of living

Two in five people living with bipolar in the UK say money worries have previously triggered a relapse. If you’re on a low income or you have debts and you feel stressed or worried about your finances, these 12 tips can help you stay well during the current cost-of-living crisis…


Author: Renee Arceo

elearning course

This is a free resource for anyone who wants to learn more about bipolar. It will help you understand what bipolar is - and isn't. It will also help you understand how to support anyone you know who's living with the condition.


Author: Renee Arceo

Get Support

Support is available through a range of services for anyone over 18 with bipolar, anyone who doesn't yet have a diagnosis, and their family, carers and friends


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