Our mission is to empower everyone affected by bipolar to live well and fulfil their potential

Coping when a loved one takes their own life

If there had been the right support and help available then would my dad still be alive today? asks Ellie


Author: Michael Morgan

Cognitive Impairment Research

If you have bipolar and would be interested in taking part in innovative research please do get in touch.


Author: Michael Morgan

My Suicide Prevention Toolkit

Someone with bipolar has a suicide risk that’s at least 20 times greater than someone without bipolar. Jeremy Clark has bipolar and facilitated peer support groups for people with bipolar for a decade. Here he shares the practical techniques he uses to manage, and often even prevent, suicidal thoughts…


Author: Michael Morgan

How do we speak to someone who is suicidal?

Emma Belle is back with another episode of our podcast series. This week she talks to Chris Brown, Suicide Prevention Expert and educator about how do we speak to someone who is suicidal?


Author: Michael Morgan

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