Especially in these times of social isolation, now more than ever, our eCommunity is a supportive online forum for everyone affected by bipolar.

Our eCommunity gives you a safe and secure space to discuss the challenges you face, and to share your experiences with others.

To keep the eCommunity safe, everyone who joins agrees to abide by our House Rules and our team of moderators are here to keep things running smoothly.

The eCommunity has over 5,000 members and is a free service supported by donations.

To use the eCommunity you just need to complete a brief online registration form, after which you'll have access 24 hours a day. (Please note former users before October 2018 will also need to re-register and complete the registration form).

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If you have any problems logging in, or using the forum do let us know on [email protected]

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Your donation will help provide a range of services offering the support people need, when they need it. You can make sure there's someone at the end of the phone to listen, a nearby group to share lived experiences, a 24-hour peer forum and more.

Together, we can support the person behind the diagnosis of bipolar.