Bipolar UK sources many of the images on this website from online sources. Here are our credits. 

Photos sourced from

Young people in conversation: Credit: Alexis Brown

Tablets in blister packs: Credit: Volodymyr Hyrshenko 

Carpentry tools on a rack: Credit: Philip Swinburn

Black man signing a legal document: Credit Cytonn Photography 

Two young men at a laptop: Credit: Jose Aljovin 

Woman typing on MacBook Pro at wooden table: Credit Jose Aljovin

Students in a lecture hall with books on their laps: Credit: Sincerely media

Lots of colourful jigsaw puzzles pieces: Credit: Hans Peter Gauster

Vials of covid-19 vaccine. Credit: Daniel Schludi

Multi-coloured swirls of paint: Credit: Sharon McCutcheon

A hand holds a magnifying glass against a sunset sky: Credit: Ahmed Zayan

A stack of books on a table: Credit Sharon McCutcheon

Zoom call with coffee: Credit: Chris Montgomery

A diverse group of women sitting on an outdoor staircase: Credit: Joel Muniz 

A group of four women: Credit Gemma Chua Tran

Asian baby in swaddle: Credit Garrett Jackson

A baby's hand held by adult: Credit Tembinkosi Sikupela

Close up of happy smiling woman: Credit: Lesly Juarez

Other sources

View of the back of a soldier marching with a backpack: Credit: US Army Europe