Valentine's and bipolar.

April Kelley talks candidly about the ins and outs of love and bipolar. Read more

New Research Project

A brand new research project, in partnership with King’s College London, will have two elements you may be interested in. Read more

Managing Grief In Bipolar Disorder

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The Belfast Bipolar Support Group

Sara explains the role of the Belfast Bipolar Support Group who began in January 2010 in this insightful blog. Read more

Save the Date

We would really appreciate it if you would do us the honour of keeping March 13th 2020 Free! Read more

Me, Myself & Bipolar Brenda

I have had a rocky road to say the least, being a single mother with bipolar disorder. Read more

New MRI Study

Would you like to take part in an MRI Study? The study will examine oxygen use by the brain. Read more

The Effect Of Parental Bipolar Disorder on Children

We know the effects of Bipolar Disorder on those living with the condition but the effects on their children is not often explored. Read more

Trying to keep well is hard work

I try to remember the best I can feel and reassure myself that life can be like that again. The rollercoaster can slow down but yes, it is hard work. - Debbie Read more

Grieving Your Lost Self

Blossey Friday's extroversion started to become crushed in her teenage years and she experienced dark, depressed moods. Read more