to those lost in darkness

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 London-based composer Drexler has released the track 'Ghosts Have Arrived'. Read more

Self-management for people living with bipolar

Like all long-term conditions, bipolar requires effective self-management to keep on top. Alongside medication, there are practical steps that people with bipolar can take to stay well. Read more

Covid-19 – Frequently Asked Questions

In this blog we answer many of the questions about the current rules in relation to COVID-19. Read more

Self-Harm During Lockdown

This article discusses self-harm, including describing these experiences and providing suggestions for helping those affected by self-harm. Read more

A Marathon a Month

Max talks about how he has committed to running a minimum of a marathon distance a month to raise money for Bipolar UK and another charity called 3Pillars. Read more

Brother, I miss you like hell!

Remembering a brother's life that came to an end far too soon and how this tragic event led to trying to understand bipolar more. Read more

Tips For Family, Friends and Carers

Sara talks about some of her experiences as a carer and offers some tips that she has learnt along the way. Whether you are a close friend, relative or neighbour for someone with bipolar, you are still a carer in some way, and what you do to support that person really matters. Read more

suicide prevention toolkit

People who make attempts on their lives run a significant risk of completing on the second and future attempts – but this is where a key protective thought pattern can be introduced. Jeremy shares his thoughts on suicidal ideation and how to prevent it. Read more

Bipolar UK Welcomes April Kelley as newest Ambassador

We are delighted to welcome on board the irrepressible April Kelley as our newest Bipolar UK advocate. Read more