The Bee Gees got it right

As legendary songwriter Nicky Chinn explains, survival requires a great deal of endurance and no small amount of courage. Read more

The stigma of bipolar

Because of the negative and unsettling atmosphere Nicky grew up in, for a long time he felt he didn’t fit in Read more

Flight of ideas

Flight of ideas: Beth gives details of a creative workshop exploring advance choice documents Read more

A Beautiful Mind is Poetry Defined

As someone living with bipolar for some years now Denis wanted to write some words to encourage those of you who wrestle with the condition as he does everyday. Coping strategies that will allow you to help yourself. Read more

A Familiar Face

How Bipolar in the media helped me own my condition and reject its stigma Read more

Diving suit of depression

In a descriptive and very immersive collection of scenarios Gordon delves into what it’s like living with bipolar, interacting with others and the inspiration that keeps his head above water. Read more

Our top books on bipolar disorder

We've pulled together a list of our top books on bipolar disorder, that we feel give great insight into the condition. Read more

To those lost in darkness

In light of Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 London-based composer Drexler has released the track 'Ghosts Have Arrived'. Read more

The power of shared experience #speakoutlikebrenda

Read about the #speakoutlikebrenda campaign, which was started by Salford University student Anna Mason, as a campaign for Natasha Naomi Rea's book. Read more

Giving a voice to those that suffer with Bipolar – mania, hypomania and the media

Camilla Leach talks about about looking at these episodes, understanding them and processing them which gives us knowledge and power to move forward in our recovery. Read more

Define Mental Health Authenticity in three words

John has bipolar disorder and shares his journey toward authenticity. He describes how he shifted his inner view of himself in an inspiring story. Read more

World Bipolar Day

Monday 30 March is World Bipolar Day Brian R. Hicks gives a whistle-stop tour of this annual event. Read more

Bring Me to Light Book Review

Ellie has read 'Bring Me to Light' by Eleanor Segall and here is her review. Read more

Me, Myself and bipolar Brenda book review

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Simon Kitchen: ‘It is impossible to ‘catch’ bipolar from someone else'

Responding to the Telegraph's recent article Simon Kitchen says ‘It is impossible to ‘catch’ bipolar from someone else’ Read more

Why bipolar disorder is becoming more ‘desirable’ than other mental illnesses

Research shows that to some people bipolar disorder has actually become “desirable” when compared with other mood disorders. Read more