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Our eCommunity is a safe, anonymous, moderated online forum. Topics discussed range from diagnosis and medication to family and relationships

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For queries about our eCommunity, email us: [email protected]

Support Groups

Local and national support groups meet regularly online and in person

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For queries about our Support Groups, email us: [email protected]

Peer Support Line

Arrange a call-back from our Peer Support Line for information and advice, although the Peer Support Line is currently unable to help with any employment queries.

We aim to respond within three working days, although during holidays or busier periods it may take slightly longer. 

Book a call via email- speak to our friendly team at [email protected] 

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For queries about our Peer Support Line, email us: [email protected]

Work and learning

Our Work and Learning service provides online support related to employment and study.

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Unfortunately we are unable to review or share details of any books or publications submitted to us.

Please note: Bipolar UK calls are recorded for training and quality purposes.


We would love to hear from you if you have something to share about your experience with one of our services or activites. This allows us to continue what we're doing well and to improve our services when we're not doing things well, and will help us move closer to our vision of effectively supporting everyone in our bipolar community.

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If you have any concerns, here is more about our complaints policy

Last updated: 11 January 2023