The next Bipolar Awareness Day takes place on Tuesday 4 October 2016.

This year, we're bringing attention to the lack of funding for research into bipolar. A recent survey in collaboration with the James Lind Alliance asked individuals for their most important questions about bipolar. We received thousands of responses from individuals with bipolar, their family and carers, and mental health professionals.

Despite the obvious need for more information and research around bipolar, there's little funding available.

Mental health receives less than 6% of all health research funding. Only 1.6% of money spent on that mental health research is dedicated to bipolar. All of this is despite over one million people in the UK being affected by bipolar.

This enormous disparity is unacceptable.  Moreover this disparity is reflected in the care, support and treatment that people with bipolar receive. 

Help us raise awareness of this major disparity and help us call for increased funding for bipolar research.

Check back closer to 4 October for more information on how you can get involved in Bipolar Awareness Day.