The eCommunity stops me feeling alone

Diagnosed with bipolar eight years ago, Nathanael Coakley, 33, says that Bipolar UK’s eCommunity is a safe space where he can share his experiences with others who ‘get it’ Read more

Bipolar UK announces a partnership with Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland

Bipolar UK have a two-year partnership with Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland and will work together to support 20% more people affected by bipolar in their first year to help them get the information and support to live well with the condition. Read more

Bootiful Soles

Co-facilitators of Bipolar UK’s Blackpool Peer Support Group, Lou and Andy, created a wonderful fundraising challenge, Bootiful Soles, during the pandemic Read more

Regional Webinars: South

Join us for a free webinar about treatments for bipolar and coping with the side effects of medication. Read more

Access Group Partnership

From July 2021 to July 2022 we were delighted to be the Access Group Charity of the Year Read more

The power of group

Emma is so incredibly grateful that she has found her tribe in the shape of Bipolar UK's peer support approach. In this blog she describes this as life changing. Read more

With the eCommunity - you're not alone

For Vairi mental illness has been the sole most isolating experience of her life. By far one of the most difficult emotions her bipolar disorder brings to the surface is loneliness as she details in this blog. Read more

What is community?

Katie talks passionately about the eCommunity, somewhere you feel safe, respected and listened to. It makes you feel part of something, like you’re no longer isolated or alone. Read more

I am not bipolar, I have bipolar

Sometimes your illness has such a hold over you that it can sometimes feel all consuming. Dominque explains that whilst this may feel as though it is the case, you are not your illness. Read more

A timely lifeline

Tulisa found the eCommunity to be a safe environment where users interact, build their self-esteem and knowledge. Read more