Bipolar UK is delighted to announce a two-year partnership with Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland.

Together we aim to reach many more people affected by bipolar and help them get the information and support they need to live well with the condition.

As bipolar is a severe mental health condition which affects over one million people in the UK, Rotary has seen an increasing need to shine a spotlight on this often misunderstood and misdiagnosed condition.

The partnership means that both organisations will work together to support 20% more people affected by bipolar in their first year. This could mean that an additional 20,000 people will get life-changing support in the next 12 months.

Rotary clubs and members across the UK will be using their networks and community connections to promote our new campaign, ‘Could it be bipolar?’. Our campaign aims to get people who are struggling with their mental health to consider if they might have the condition.

The new resources on our website include a Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) to check how likely it is, a Mood Tracker app and information about getting a diagnosis.

Currently, it takes around 9.5 years for someone to receive a bipolar diagnosis, having a huge impact on people’s lives, relationships, studies, careers and finances.

As well as sharing the campaign message, Rotary members across the UK will encourage their community networks to watch Bipolar UK’s 20-minute ‘Understanding Bipolar’ eLearning course – a free resource for employers, colleagues, friends and family who want to learn about bipolar so they can understand how to support anyone they know who’s living with the condition.

Speaking about the partnership, CEO of Bipolar UK, Simon Kitchen commented:

'Bipolar is a life-long severe mental health illness characterised by highs and lows.' 

'People living with bipolar are 20 times more likely to take their own life than someone from the general population.' 

'We are so excited about this partnership with Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland, whose mission and aims align so well with our own. And it means we will be able to provide more people with bipolar with the tools they need to live a fulfilling life' 

Gordon McInally, who will become Rotary International president in July 2023, is also an ambassador for Bipolar UK. 

'This partnership will help Rotary members across Great Britain and Ireland to understand more about bipolar, its symptoms and what support is available,' Gordon commented.

'There are currently 1 in 50 people living with bipolar in the UK and many more who support them.' 

'Together, we can help shine a spotlight on bipolar and on the excellent work of Bipolar UK, helping us signpost people to their comprehensive support services so they can receive a formal diagnosis.' 

'People can and do live full and rewarding lives with bipolar, but the first step is accessing the right support.' 

We look forward to working with Rotary over the coming years and are excited about the wonderful aims we can achieve together. Read more about our exciting partnership with Rotary.

Rotary members can access our Rotary partnership subsite here.