Bootiful Soles

Co-facilitators of Bipolar UK’s Blackpool Peer Support Group, Lou and Andy, created a wonderful fundraising challenge, Bootiful Soles, during the pandemic Read more

Bipolar UK Regional Webinars: South

Join us for a free webinar about treatments for bipolar and coping with the side effects of medication. Read more

Bipolar UK Regional Webinars: Wales

This webinar addressed the latest research from the Bipolar Commission and speeches on topics such as risk factors for suicide, experiences of bipolar and suicide prevention. Read more

Bipolar UK Regional Webinars: North

Join us for a free webinar will looking at the importance of early diagnosis of bipolar Read more

Bipolar UK parliamentary launch

Bipolar UK hosted a parliamentary launch to present the early findings of the Bipolar Commission. Read more

Access Group Partnership

From July 2021 to July 2022 we were delighted to be the Access Group Charity of the Year Read more


From Charity of the Year to long-term relationships, we can work with you to fulfil your objectives Read more

Sheila Woodland 1945 - 2021

It was with sadness that we have been informed that Sheila Woodland, one of the founders of our charity has passed away. Read more

The power of group

Emma is so incredibly grateful that she has found her tribe in the shape of Bipolar UK's peer support approach. In this blog she describes this as life changing. Read more

Support Group Focus: Leamington Spa

Find out what happens at our support group in Leamington Spa Read more

Join our virtual conference

Our virtual conference, held on World Bipolar Day, will launch the Bipolar Commission, an exciting new project to improve health care for people living with bipolar. Read more