Bipolar: Surviving the Crash

Polly Riggs gives her account of what having bipolar feels like...When cars speed on the motorway, weaving expertly between their silver and black counterparts, burning tyre tracks into the sticky tarmac, no one is surprised when they burnout...This is bipolar. Read more

Flourishing Goddess

'Flourishing Goddess', Tania Chick's debut poetry collection, has been described as 'soothing for the soul'. In this blog, Tania explains why she loves to write... Read more

Bipolar Brenda Stage Play

Bipolar UK ambassador Natasha Rea brought her ‘Bipolar Brenda’ memoir to life by adapting it into a one-woman play. Watch the recording here Read more

The mysterious world of psychosis

Lynn explores what can take a person from living a happy, fulfilled life, to the bottom dropping out of their world into a confusing world of psychosis. Read more

Diving suit of depression

In a descriptive and very immersive collection of scenarios Gordon delves into what it’s like living with bipolar, interacting with others and the inspiration that keeps his head above water. Read more

The tightrope of mania

Bipolar UK Ambassador, April Kelley, writes about her experiences of mania. Read more

Co-morbidity and bipolar disorder

In simple terms, co-morbidity refers to the presence of more than one disorder in the same person. Professor Guy Goodwin discusses other psychiatric conditions that can affect at least two-thirds of people with bipolar disorder and what may cause these to occur. Read more

Rapid cycling and mixed episodes

In this article Guy Goodwin, trustee of Bipolar UK and Emeritus Professor at the University of Oxford talks about the definitions of rapid cycling and mixed episodes. Read more

my experience of bipolar depression

Depression can convince you that you are alone. However, it is important to remember you are not. Read more

What Psychosis was like

Daniel writes about his experience of a psychotic episode, and his management of bipolar disorder since then. Read more