An exclusive message from Frank Bruno

Frank Bruno had a few words to say following his appearance at our online conference, Thursday 30 March, 6-9pm Read more

Into the sea in my little boat

On average it takes someone 9.5 years to get a diagnosis of bipolar. Melanie details her journey after finally getting a diagnosis Read more

The impact of prejudice on mental health

April Kelley, spoke on behalf of Bipolar UK at this roundtable discussion on the impact of prejudice on the mental health of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies Read more

No one is you… And that is your power’

Rachel runs a salon. As she writes living well with bipolar is about being honest about the condition itself in order to thrive. Read more


Nicky Chinn writes that recovery can be a pain. Perversely, the process can be almost as punishing as bipolar itself. Read more

Befriending Bipolar

By accepting bipolar Oliver stopped fighting and ignoring it. Acceptance is perhaps not talked about enough, it represents a step forward in learning to live with bipolar. Read more

Therapy saved my life

Nicky says living with bipolar hasn’t been easy but that therapy has helped him to make life-saving changes. Read more

Who Takes Care?

Who takes care of the carer? A question that doesn’t get asked often enough, if at all. It never even occurred to Nicky to ask. He was too wrapped up in his own bipolar nightmare to consider it. Read more

living with a secret

At Sixteen years  old, Nicky was away at boarding school, was weighed down by the black clouds that were enveloping him.His secret sapped his positivity, confidence and esteem. Read more

Getting sick and getting well

Daniel Evans  explains the absolute lows of hitting rock bottom and his experience of the path of redemption whilst living with bipolar disorder. Read more

Join our discussion on stigma, it's Free

It's Pride Month and April Kelley used the newly launched Twitter Spaces capability to enable ongoing conversations around bipolar disorder. Read more

Let's change the narrative

As a motivational speaker with bipolar disorder Bella wants to change the narrative for those living with the condition. Read more

The Only One

Nicky Chinn writes about bipolar disorder being a shared experience by more people than you probably didn't realise Read more

Adam's Story

In part one of his serialised account Adam talks about the importance of young men connecting with the help they need. Read more