I must say it was an absolute pleasure chatting to Alastair Campbell and seeing you all at Bipolar UK’s online conference. The event, which took place, Thursday 30 March, 6-9pm, was an absolute roadblock. 
Whilst I’ve got your attention… as many of you heard on the night, my life, just like bipolar, has been a series of ups and downs. I’ve been to some seriously heady heights and some crushing lows. It was like a form of therapy to get these experiences out in my own words in my latest book ‘60 Years A Fighter’.
For those of you who love a good read and want to buy my book, I’ve put together these exclusive deals for conference attendees:
Offer 1 - buy a Frank Bruno signed book & get a free Frank Bruno Foundation wristband
Offer 2 - buy 2 signed books & get a free A4 signed photo montage of me 
Offer 3 - buy 3 signed books and get a free ‘On Courage’ book plus a signed A4 photo montage of me  
I touched on elements of my book at the event, but you’ll get a better blow by blow account of my life by reading it. 
Until next time!

Frank Bruno MBE
Former WBC Heavyweight Boxing World Champion