Bella Rareworld, Mental Health in an unequal world

Bella Rareworld, talks about the barriers faced by the black community when trying to access effective health care for their mental and emotional wellbeing. Read more

events in the uk

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Getting sick and getting well

Daniel Evans  explains the absolute lows of hitting rock bottom and his experience of the path of redemption whilst living with bipolar disorder. Read more

Join our discussion on stigma, it's Free

It's Pride Month and April Kelley used the newly launched Twitter Spaces capability to enable ongoing conversations around bipolar disorder. Read more

Let's change the narrative

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The Only One

Nicky Chinn writes about bipolar disorder being a shared experience by more people than you probably didn't realise Read more

Adam's Story Part One

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Coming of age

In society's eyes I’m not where I’m supposed to be, but after some careful consideration I’ve worked out I’m in a far better place. Read more

Three things to know about my experience of bipolar

Everyone has different experiences with bipolar disorder, and here are three things Loren wants you to know about hers. Read more