It feels like yesterday, standing alone in the middle of the primary school playground, socially isolated without a friend in sight, telling myself with conviction; “Bella, don’t worry! One day you will be someone and everyone will know your name!” These words often flash through my mind and I choose to smile because I made it! I’m a survivor!

I’m a childhood sexual abuse survivor, suicide survivor and I live with bipolar, PTSD, and a personality disorder. Sounds light and mouthful, right?  Well my secret magic that fuels me is tenacity. I’ve learnt how to manage running a business whilst balancing my mental health conditions at the same time.

Everyday may present a battle and can often feel like a ringside fight with Mike Tyson however, my tenacity never let’s me down as I am undefeated walking away from the fight unbruised, whilst holding the winning trophy. I hope to give others hope that you can live a successful life regardless if you struggle with a mental health condition.

Many of my colleagues marvel at my ability to create a successful business entrepreneurial life. But what they don’t know is, I was not equally brave to share my diagnosis being mentally ill instead I kept it a secret for 13 years because I was scared to be judged. Finally I’m brave and proud of my story, no more hiding and no more shame!

On the outside, my brand as a mental health speaker and podcaster displays an elegant successful international female entrepreneur, from London to New York. I made the choice to turn a negative into a positive becoming a mental health advocate. Event organizers hire me as a mental health speaker to share my story on how I got from A - B with mental health struggles, I hope to inspire others never to give up on their dreams.

Recently, I have launched a podcast called Think Tenacity providing a platform to help people and entrepreneurs by sharing my own experience and well-being tips to look after mental health. 

Tenacity is my greatest gift and skill, which helps me strive through my mental health conditions since I was a little girl in the school playground. I’m truly “fearless” because I never give up on myself or my dreams. My famous quote is; “Yes I have bipolar disorder but I’m still living a fab life as a business woman, living my dream as a speaker, don’t let mental health challenges stop your success”.

Bipolar disorder, a mental health problem that can cause a person’s mood to swing from one extreme to another. My bipolar comes in two forms. I do get manic episodes, but I’d say about 70% of the time my bipolar manifests as depression. I bought a manual scooter for exercise and motivation to enjoy nature. You can follow my London adventures from Connaught Village founded in 1868 to Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill and much more by visiting Bella Rare World or follow hashtag #BellaScooterDay

I’m on a mission to use my mental health story to provide hope and motivate you, when you feel sad, low or depressed. Things will get better. By sharing my story, I hope to break stigma, encourage others to admit when they’re not feeling OK. Educate that we all have a mental health, just like we have a physical health, no difference. Drive more conversations in the Black and ethnic minority community to engage in more conversation surrounding mental health.