Are you an employer, HR manager or diversity lead looking to improve mental health support and inclusion in your workplace?

From one-hour ‘lunch and learn’ sessions to tailored consultancy and mentoring options, we can help you.

We offer training to improve understanding of bipolar in the workplace. We also help to support people in your team who are affected by bipolar.

Read our 'Bipolar in the workplace' report

To book or find out more, email us at [email protected]

If you are an individual who needs peer support to deal with workplace-related concerns, please email [email protected] to book a 1-1 support call. Please note that Bipolar UK does not offer legal advice.

For legal advice related to the workplace, we recommend ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service):

1-hr online training

A one-hour ‘Understanding bipolar’ online course for up to 16 people.

This training covers a general understanding of bipolar, recognising symptoms and signposting to simple solutions, resources and support.

The session includes a speaker with lived experience and an opportunity for questions.

Suitable for: employers and employees

Cost: £550

2-hr online training

A two-hour ‘Understanding bipolar and support in the workplace’ course for up to 16 people.

This training combines our ‘Understanding bipolar’ course with additional content designed to improve support for someone with bipolar in the workplace.

The training will cover practical help, such as requesting reasonable adjustments and creating an advance statement.

The session will include a speaker with lived experience, an opportunity for questions and workplace templates and resources to take away.

Suitable for: employers and employees

Cost: £1050

Tailored consultancy

A one-hour online consultation session for one or two people to talk through how best to support someone in the workplace.

We can provide personalised support in producing reasonable adjustments and advance statements.

Suitable for: managers and/or employees

Cost: Please get in touch to discuss

Mentoring support

A one-hour online mentoring session for one or two people.

We can provide personalised peer support for anyone affected by bipolar in your workplace.

This will be a safe, confidential space for them to ask questions, get practical advance and talk through any issues or concerns with someone who really understands.

Suitable for: anyone affected by bipolar in the workplace

Cost: Please get in touch to discuss

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To book or discuss our workplace support sessions – please contact us at [email protected] 

We offer reduced rates for registered charities.

We also offer training sessions for Further Education and Higher Education settings.

Last updated: 19 July 2024