Why Bipolar UK exists:

Bipolar is one of the biggest mental health challenges of the 21st century:

  • More than a million people in the UK have bipolar. That’s one in fifty people
  • Bipolar increases an individual’s risk of suicide by up to 20 times
  • It takes an average of ten and a half years to get a correct diagnosis of bipolar
  • It is a growing issue with young people more likely to screen positive than older people
  • Bipolar has a huge impact on families and friends
  • Many people with bipolar continue to lack the basic support and treatment needed to live well with the condition
  • The need for a dedicated national bipolar charity has never been greater

What we do:

Bipolar UK is the only national charity dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by bipolar.  Peer support is at the core of our work. Our integrated service consists of:

  • More than 100 support groups for people affected by bipolar, facilitated by trained and supported volunteers
  • A moderated eCommunity with approximately 20,000 registered members, accessed each week by between 600 and 850 people
  • One to one peer support provided by telephone and email, recognising that face to face support groups and a digital service will not be for everyone
  • Information provided on our website
  • We are experienced at helping more than 70,000 people each year

Our Vision:

Everyone affected by bipolar can find the support they need when they need it.

Our Mission:

To support and empower more people affected by bipolar to live well with the condition.

Our Strategic Aims:

  1. Provide a comprehensive peer support service for people affected by bipolar and increase the reach of our delivery.
  2. Act as the voice of our community to improve the country's health systems and services, and change attitudes to bipolar throughout UK society.