Hi, I’m Emma Belle and I am very proud and excited to be hosting the new podcast ‘Let’s talk bipolar’ by Bipolar UK. I was diagnosed with bipolar just over ten years ago, after being misdiagnosed for over a decade.

When I became an ambassador for Bipolar UK last year, I really wanted to launch a podcast to help reach those that needed it. I can remember in the months leading up to my diagnosis and afterwards I would often spend nights awake, unable to sleep, desperately trying to work out what was happening to me, why I was feeling the way I was feeling and trying to connect with anyone that might understand how I felt. The idea behind the podcast is that it is accessible 24 hours a day and no matter where you are in your journey there will be an episode that speaks to you in some way and hopefully makes you feel less alone in your journey of living with Bipolar.

In each episode of the podcast, I am joined by different guests. I have conversations with those with lived experiences of bipolar along with carers and families that support those living with bipolar. I will also have conversations with professionals in the medical and research fields.

Today's episode four is released with Professor Ian Jones; bipolar in the perinatal and postpartum seasons of life, psychoeducation services and how to live a good life whilst living with bipolar disorder

We talk about his area of speciality in perinatal & postpartum care and treatment for those living with bipolar disorder. In current day medicine professionals will be looking to support those wishing to carry a baby and how the risk of becoming unwell can be managed and supported through this season in life.


Previous episodes include:

Episode one: Bethany Robinson - living with bipolar, her love of Cross Fit and appearing on SAS who dares wins

Episode two: April Kelley bipolar 2, borderline personality disorder, Therapy fatigue and healing our inner child

Episode three: Leah Charles-King, being honest about working through a low and the impact of grief whilst living with bipolar

Please let us know your feedback on the episodes so far and also any topics or guests you would like us to discuss and feature, we hope you enjoy our new podcast.

Emma x