Bipolar UK are delighted to welcome on board our newest Bipolar UK advocate, the irrepressible April Kelley who will also be joining us at this year's Bipolar UK conference.that will take place on Sunday 17th November. She will be one of the panellists discussing the condition in a session entitled 'Whose Bipolar Is It Anyway?'.

April is an award winning actor and producer. Founder of Mini Productions, she has carved out a career pioneering female talent as well as shining a light and giving a voice to the mighty bi’s; bisexuality and bipolar.

The actor said: “I’m thrilled to be joining the Bipolar UK family, a charity that does so much good for those, like myself, who live with the condition as well as their loved ones. As an ambassador/advocate for the charity I’m excited to be working with them on growing their existing peer support approach and the difference they make to people’s lives. My hope is to not only reassure you that you’re not alone but to shine a light candidly on all aspects of living with this superpower...Let’s do this!"

Ahead of the conference, the agenda for which is now available, and continuing the next in the series of self help videos, Bipolar UK are pleased to release this latest instalment featuring Molly , our Peer Support Officer. The video concentrates on managing expectations.Molly will also be on hand to expand on any discussion you may wish to have at this year's conference in partnership with King’s College London

Tickets are available now and we would love to see you there. You can obtain tickets now via Eventbrite