Winning the War with Bipolar

Sam has a diagnosis of bipolar I. Here he shares his experience of bipolar disorder the effect it has on his life, functionality and the lessons he learned that will help others too. Read more

Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder 2

Lizzie describes in candid detail the emotions, thoughts, and issues she dealt with after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the signs that led up to her seeking help. Read more

Send Christmas cheer and support Bipolar UK!

This year we have teamed up with Bipolar Beautiful who have produced a lovely range of cards which we think you will love. Read more

Bipolar disorder and technology

Technology can improve our daily life. Here is a very short survey that would assist the ongoing understanding of living well with the bipolar disorder. Read more

Groundhog Day – Surviving Lockdown 2

Lockdown and it's effect on bipolar disorder is the subject of Luyando Mulawo's self help blog which feature lessons she learned from the first national lockdown. Read more

Pregnancy : 10 Top Tips for Staying Well

We held our 'Bipolar and Pregnancy Webinar' on 12 November. We were lucky to have Professor Ian Jones join Bipolar UK ambassador Clare Dolman to discuss bipolar disorder. Read more

Why I’m Attempting to Tackle This Lockdown Alone

Whilst we are in the midst of the second national lockdown April Kelley explains why this time around she feels confident enough to tackle it all on her own. Read more

Being kind to your mind

Since the start of the pandemic it has become really common for people to experience low mood and anxiety; especially during national and local lockdowns. Read more

What impact has Covid-19 had on you?

This survey is a follow up to a similar survey conducted in May 2020. It is suitable for both people who did, and those who did not, complete the first survey. Read more

Covid-19 – Frequently Asked Questions

In this blog we answer many of the questions about the current rules in relation to COVID-19. Read more