Would you turn off your bipolar disorder?

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Facing my Demons

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'This is the real me' - Ailsa's story

I am not a label, I am Ailsa. I've redefined myself and my life. I hope I can inspire others, so that they too can be the authors of their own lives.I am writing my own.Read more

Grandiose: Redefining a common symptom of bipolar

Luyando Malawo explains the concept behind her ethically sourced t-shirts and caps for the betterment of those living with bipolarRead more

Support Group Focus

From today we are shining the spotlight on Peer Support Groups across the UK that are doing an incredible job by going that extra mile.Read more

Match Funding March

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Bipolar: Five tips for the romantically involved

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3 tips for supporting someone with bipolar

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Being sectioned isn't the end of your recovery, it's the start

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The CRiB study: tackling cognitive difficulties in bipolar disorder

Researchers from Centre for Affective Disorders at King’s College London, led by Professor Allan Young, investigate whether cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) can improve cognition in people with bipolar disorderRead more