Our mood scale can help you to describe your moods

You can use this mood scale with our mood diary and/or our new Mood Tracker app to help keep track of your moods and to help you spot your patterns, triggers and any early warning signs of a relapse.

How to use the mood scale and mood diary

  1. Select the score from the mood scale that matches how you are feeling and write that in under the date of the month in the section with red (cause for concern) yellow (moving away from a neutral mood) and green (neutral mood)
  2. Record how many hours of sleep you had the night before
  3. Record any medication you are taking and the dosage
  4. On the second sheet there's room to record any additional notes: what foods you ate and drinks you had; whether or not you exercised; any notable events especially any that had a particularly noticeable affect on your mood

Download our Mood Scale as a PDF