The Bipolar Commission is an exciting new project which aims to transform health care for people living with bipolar disorder.

The Commission’s mission is to reduce the number of people who live with bipolar and who end their own lives.  Our aim is to improve the  quality of life for everyone who is who affected by the condition.

We will do this by using lived experience to make recommendations to improve mental health care in the UK.


The project aims to ensure people living with bipolar in the UK get the treatment and support they need to manage their condition effectively and to live fulfilling lives.

The Commission will include a widespread engagement exercise:

  • to identify challenges and ways to improve self-management 
  • to reduce suicidal thinking

This will involve “Bipolar Summits” in 5 areas across the UK where professionals and people with lived experience can submit evidence about their experience of mental health care.

Launch and Final Report

The Bipolar Commission launched at the Bipolar UK Virtual Conference on 30th March 2021.

Watch the launch of the Bipolar Commission at the conference. The launch runs from the beginning to 54 mins

As part of the call for evidence the first survey looking at diagnosis. This has now been completed and results are being analysed.

The final report with recommendations will be published in March 2022.

Lived Experience

We are looking for people with lived experience (either direct or indirect) of bipolar disorder to participate in the summits by giving evidence or submitting written evidence.

 Details of the next call for evidence will follow