A diverse selection of ethnic groups have, as various studies and anecdotal evidence document, experienced differing rates and impressions of mental health problems and how they are treated leading up to their official diagnosis and beyond.

In particular, individuals from black and minority ethnic groups residing in the UK are more likely to:

  • be diagnosed with mental health problems
  • be diagnosed and admitted to hospital
  • experience a poor outcome from treatment
  • disengage from mainstream health services, leading to a sense of disenfranchisement and deterioration in their mental health

Acknowledging this, Bipolar UK have approached Genesis Elijah, following the release of his track, ‘Man Down’, which touches on mental health from a black perspective.

We sought his honest views on a number of issues. In this candid video feature, ‘Mice in the presence of the lion’, he gave his perspective,  straight up no chaser, but also suggests ways to enable possible solutions to be built upon.

A central theme Genesis Elijah mentions is the need for more communication, which is an integral part of the help we provide via our underfunded peer support services. You can help us reduce suicidal ideation by donating here.

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