With Suicide Prevention day approaching I am excited to share my conversation with my friend Chris Brown. I was lucky enough to receive training from Chris nearly 10 years ago on suicide prevention and safe talk. 

Chris has trained hundreds upon hundreds of people and organisations suicide prevention under the ASIST model. Chris is one of the founders of the suicide prevention charity Grassroots and was fundamental in the creation of the "Stay Alive" app. This app has had over 250,000 downloads and is an excellent resource for safety planning for those that are experiencing suicidal thoughts and making plans to end their life. 

This conversation will be so valuable to those that are or have experienced suicidal thoughts and intent and also to those that support them. 

The most powerful message is that talking about suicide does not increase the risk of suicide, it is actually proven to reduce the risk of suicide and I hope that this episode will empower everyone to feel less fearful around these very important conversations.