Although World Bipolar Day has passed, each and everyday represents Bipolar Day for me.

The stigma of bipolar

As a musician I express myself through music. In my new single 'Struggle', I explain how living with bipolar disorder has affected me since being diagnosed with the condition. More importantly, this is the first track I have openly talked about my condition and the line "Nowadays I am proud to say I'm BPD Bipolar Disorder" is something I never thought I would have expressed on a track as I was always scared of speaking about it, up until now.

'Struggle' is not just about bipolar or the ups and downs and damage it can cause but it is about eradicating the stigma surrounding mental health in society. It is about creating dialogue, raising awareness and for me the final part of the song emphasises this.

"So please, before you judge people like me just give us a chance. Don't write us off completely we're like you, but just on another path. We might collide, compete, I dream that we combine and defeat, the social stigma of mental illness and then we can all rise to our feet."

A massive thank you to Bipolar UK for their continued support.

"Bipolar UK was my first point of call when I was at my lowest and first diagnosed. Their helpful advice and eCommunity was invaluable."

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