Bipolar UK has launched a new video as a reminder that talking about suicide doesn't increase the risk of someone taking their own life. In fact, research clearly shows talking about suicide reduces the risk. 

The suicide prevention section on our website has access to helpful resources (including a podcast, webinars and lived-experience blogs) dispelling the myths around suicide and offering advice on how to help someone experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Speaking about suicide prevention, CEO of Bipolar UK, Simon Kitchen, said:

'Our peer support services provide a safe space for anyone affected by bipolar to get advice and support and we hope that this will encourage more people to seek the help they need.

'We believe that suicide is preventable, but people must be able to access support specialist services.'

One in 20 people who take their own life has bipolar and people living with the condition are 20 times more likely to take their own life.

The real figure could be more than double that due to the vast number of undiagnosed cases as 56% of people with bipolar don’t currently have a diagnosis.