The first step in acknowledging you are in trouble is sometimes the most difficult of all.

The old adage that a problem shared is really important as it is often easier if you can talk with a member of your family or a friend about the challenges you are facing.

A number of local Citizens Advice Bureaux may also have a debt counsellor. Although there is often a waiting list, many service users have explained it is well worth the wait.

The key in trying to pave a way forward is communication between you and your creditors. In the first instance you should write to your creditors explaining the difficulties you are facing in terms of spending when in a manic episode and that you are unable to pay the current repayment schedule.

Ask if they might consider alternative ways of paying off the debt. They will then have to consider and work out a way to solve the problem.

As is often the case you will likely find organisations differ in their flexibility, but you are keeping the lines of communication open and some may assist you and help reduce the enormous stress you are both facing.

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