This is a list of questions to help you ask your doctor about your bipolar medication. It is important you understand why and what you has been prescribed and how to take it.

About your medication

What is the name of this medication? 

What category of medicine is it? (e.g. antipsychotic; mood stabiliser)

What should I expect it to do?

How long will it take to achieve that result?

How long will I have to take it?  

Side effects

What short-term side effects does it have?  

What side effects should I let you know about?

What symptoms indicate that the dosage should be changed or the medication stopped?

Does it have any long-term side effects?  

Is this medication addictive?

What may happen if I forget to take my medication? 

If I miss taking a dose, what should I do? 

Can I drive and/or operate machinery while taking it?

Changes I may need to make

Can I drink alcohol while taking it?

Must I follow any dietary restrictions?

Will it react with any other prescription medications?   

Will it react with any over-the-counter medications (e.g. painkillers, cough mixture)?

Is it safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding? 

Monitoring and review

Will I be monitored while I’m taking it?  

How often will I need tests while I’m on it? 

When will my treatment be reviewed?

Will it be difficult to withdraw from this medication? 

Do you have any printed information on it, or know where I can get this information?   

Download this information as a PDF

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