This list has been compiled by members of the Bipolar UK eCommunity and documents their experiences of the symptoms of bipolar depression:

Symptoms of depression


Executive function issues ie concentration, memory, decision making
Forgetfulness/memory problems
Forgetting medication or taking it more than the normal daily dose
Inability to explain your feelings to others
Loss of concentration
Slow or muddled thinking
Difficulties concentrating


A feeling of emptiness
A feeling of hopelessness
Anhedonia (lack of enjoyment)
Feeling sad
Feelings of guilt or that you are responsible for events (usually bad ones)
Ideas that you are bad/evil
Ideas that you are disliked
Impending sense of gloom that won't shift
Irritability with self and others
Lack of motivation
Low self esteem
Moaning (serious constant moaning)
Psycho-motor agitation, wringing hands, pacing etc.
Remembering unpleasant past events
Suicidal thoughts
Thoughts of self-harm
Keyed up
Wishing that the sun won't come up the next day - cannot handle the idea the tomorrow is going to come
Certain give-away statements like "I'm just waiting here in my apartment to die, really"

Physical symptoms

A feeling of being unwell
Agitation, irritability and anger but usually when mixed or psychotic depression
Not wanting to leave house
Sudden, unexplained weight loss
Unexplained aches and pains/minor ailments
Weight gain or increased appetite as well. It can go either way

Self care

Lack of appetite
Lack of self-care/self-neglect
Lack of self-worth

Self sabotage

Engaging in deliberately self-destructive behaviours


Changes in sleep patterns
Disturbed sleep (waking multiple times in the night)
Early waking


Cancelling all upcoming appointments, ignoring responsibilities, shunning friends and family: and feeling guilt about all this at the same time
Inability to ask others for help
Lack of socialising
No libido
Social withdrawal