This is the first in a series of webinars exploring the bipolar symptoms that no-one talks about.

In this webinar, Dr Clare Dolman examines a symptom which many people with bipolar have to cope with when they're high: hypersexual behaviour. Joined by Anne Chataigné, who's made a film about her experiences, they discuss the link between hypersexual behaviour and bipolar, the emotions it can trigger and its longer term consequences.

Watch the webinar here

About the speakers

Dr Clare Dolman

Clare Dolman is a journalist and researcher whose PhD focused on women with bipolar disorder’s decision-making regarding pregnancy and childbirth. She is a Patient and Public Involvement Lead for the NIHR-funded ESMI project on the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of perinatal mental health services, based part-time at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London. She also lectures on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ training courses on service user perspectives. Clare, who has a diagnosis of bipolar, is a trustee of the MMHA: Maternal Mental Health Alliance and of the charity APP - Action on Postpartum Psychosis, as well as an ambassador for Bipolar UK.

Anne Chataigné

Anne Chataigné co-wrote the BFI Doc Society-funded short documentary film ‘Trust Me’, of which she is the protagonist. Blending animation and live-action recreations, she uses humour and compassion to reclaim the story of her bipolar diagnosis in her early 20s and uses the film to challenge everyday stigma and pave her journey towards self-acceptance. Anne has lived in London for the last 13 years. When she is not making documentaries with her friends, she works as an urbanist, adapting the UK to flood risk.

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Are you living with bipolar? Can you help us with an important and much-neglected area of research by taking our survey about past and present experiences of ‘hypersexual behaviour’ (unusual or excessive concern with or participation in sexual activity) in people with bipolar. This is sometimes also called ‘hypersexuality’.

This survey is for people aged 18 or over who are living with bipolar. If you don’t have bipolar or you're not currently in the process of getting a diagnosis, then please do not complete this survey.

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Last updated: 26 May 2023