The Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN) is looking for people to take part in their latest research and join their mood monitoring system, True Colours.

Bipolar UK has new research partnership with the BDRN

True Colours enables individuals to monitor their mood in an active way by completing quick and simple questions about their mood every week. It should only take a maximum of five minutes.

The system has been designed at the University of Oxford and will help BDRN to learn more about how moods symptoms change over time for individuals with bipolar. It will also help to show how mood is affected by changes in our routine, such as sleep.

Participants can also create personalised questions to match up with their known triggers and early warning signs.

If you'd like to find out more or would like to join True Colours, visit the BDRN website or contact the team directly on 01905 542 880 or [email protected].