We are delighted to announce that James Wade, winner of eight major Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) titles, is joining us as patron of the charity.

James Wade, darts player and Bipolar UK patron

James has supported Bipolar UK for a number of years and he shared his experience of being diagnosed in his late 20s in the 30 Years of Bipolar booklet.

James was diagnosed in his late 20s, having had breakdowns and been hospitalised. He says, "I think if I had help when I was younger, life would have been different."

In the UK, it takes an average of ten and a half years to reach a correct diagnosis of bipolar, making James' experience familiar to many.

Becoming a patron

James says: "I feel privileged to have been asked to become a patron for Bipolar UK. I was diagnosed as having bipolar four years ago and I am committed to increasing awareness of the illness.

I believe that with help and support people with bipolar can lead a full and active life like myself and achieve any goal that you set your mind to."

It is fantastic to have James as a patron. He joins us at a time when awareness of this complex illness is rising and demand for our services is at a record high and increasing. James is an inspiration to the millions of people affected by bipolar in the UK today.