PayPlan is a free debt advice provider and can help you make a plan to get your debts and payments under control. It can also provide personalised advice on a range of money-related subjects, such as bailiffs, legal action and benefits. We are working with Pay Plan to help their advisors understand the problems people with bipolar often face and to provide a faster referral process for our bipolar community. 

When someone with bipolar is going through a period of hypomania or mania they often spend impulsively.​ They are also less likely to be able to stay in work or to manage their finances well, which means that debt is a common worry for people living with bipolar. The stress of mounting debt can trigger symptoms, which means they become even more unwell. 

PayPlan and Bipolar UK aim to reduce the effects of this cycle by helping people to take control of their debt. Payplan led a Q&A session on this which can be seen below.

PayPlan offer anyone with bipolar a direct free referral to one of their specialist team who have been trained by Bipolar UK to understand the condition better. PayPlan regularly review their processes and wording to make them as accessible as possible, and together we collaborate at events such as Bipolar UK’s Facebook Friday Lives and industry finance conferences - to build wider understanding of bipolar and the financial help available. 

If you would like to speak with one of their advisors, please email [email protected] or click here.