Our new partner, Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland, is holding a virtual Health Fair on Saturday 5 November, 2 - 4.30pm, with the theme of ‘Mental health in our young people’.

You can sign up for the free event here

At 2.45pm, one of the speakers at the event will be Dr Thomas Richardson, a friend of the charity and a clinical psychologist who teaches and leads research at the University of Southampton. He will give a 30-minute talk about how more than half of people with bipolar first experience symptoms before the age of 21 – and about why recognising these symptoms and getting an earlier diagnosis is so important. He will also draw on his own experience of living with the condition.

An exciting new partnership

Bipolar UK recently launched an exciting new partnership with Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland in a bid to support 20% more people affected by bipolar in their first year. This means an additional 20,000 people will get life-changing support in the next 12 months. The two-year partnership will help both organisations grow their audience and lead to more people affected by bipolar getting the vital help they need.

As well as inviting us to take part in events such as the Health Fair on 5 November, Rotary members across the UK are encouraging their community networks to watch Bipolar UK’s 20-minute ‘Understanding Bipolar’ eLearning course – a free resource for employers, colleagues, friends and family who want to learn about bipolar so they can understand how to support anyone they know who’s living with the condition.

We are grateful to Rotary for providing us with this incredible opportunity to help people understand bipolar better and raise awareness of our peer support services.

Rotary members - please visit our Rotary subsite for more information.