In this webinar, Bipolar UK CEO, Simon Kitchen shares the Bipolar Commission’s findings about the link between bipolar and suicide. He is joined by Ashley Brice, an experienced crisis negotiator with the British police specialising in suicide prevention, and author and freelance writer Eleanor Mandelstam who lives with bipolar.

They discuss ways to manage the really difficult days, and share expert advice on what to say – and what not to say – to someone who’s struggling with suicidal thoughts - a common symptom of bipolar.

If you, or someone you are supporting, need urgent help, you can find details of where to get support here 


You can find more resources about suicide prevention here

About the Speakers

Simon Kitchen

Simon has been CEO of Bipolar UK since April 2018. His previous roles include running the Dementia Action Alliance. Simon’s first experience of bipolar was in his late teens when he supported a friend with the condition.

Ashley Brice

Ashley is a trained and experienced hostage and crisis negotiator with the British police, specialising in conflict resolution and suicide prevention.

Eleanor Mandelstam

Eleanor is an author and writer specialising in mental health. Her book ‘Bring me to light’ was published in 2019 and she regularly writes blogs for Eleanor is also a qualified mental health first aid champion with MHFA England.

Last updated: 19 September 2023