Whether you're a small company or a large organisation, you can contact Bipolar UK for support and information

The Work and Learning service can act as an intermediary to help resolve workplace issues. By using a neutral approach, we can support both employers and employees to find positive solutions.

Support for Employers

We provide employment support for your employees and organisation and our flexible model is tailored to a range of budgets.

Bipolar awareness training

Do you need a bipolar awareness training session for a group of staff at your organisation? We ask you to provide a suitable venue/room and we’ll come to you once we’ve agreed the date, location and duration.

Dedicated workplace support

As part of our dedicated workplace support, we’re able to offer the following:

• Help with understanding the issues
• Development of a workplace toolkit
• Team training

Understanding the issues

We’ll come to you. First of all we’ll meet individually with your employee and then you/HR/line managers as appropriate to fully understand the needs, challenges and issues you’re all experiencing. 

With your employee we’ll discuss how bipolar affects them at work, gain an understanding of their triggers, mood cycles and warning signs.

We’ll then separately have a discussion with you/HR/line managers about your understanding and any concerns you have.

We then bring both parties together to ensure a consistent and comprehensive understanding and explain how best to support your employee’s health and wellbeing at work. During this final session, we’ll highlight the benefits of reasonable adjustments and advance statements.

Price is dependent on your requirements.

Development of a workplace toolkit

Following on from supporting you to understand the issues, we can also work with your organisation to develop a dedicated workplace toolkit for you and your employee.

We’ll return to you after the first day with the toolkit developed for your employee and your organisation. We’ll fully explain the toolkit and its implementation so everyone has a clear understanding. We’ll also provide up to three telephone sessions to support you in successfully implementing the toolkit.

Price is dependent on your requirements.

Team training

For some organisations - with full consent of your employee - it’s beneficial for team colleagues to understand the practical implications of a bipolar diagnosis. Working with your employee and your organisation, we can
provide bespoke training to the wider team.

Price is dependent on your requirements.

How to contact us for support

For an initial consultation, please contact us on 0333 323 3880 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

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