Seeking employment can be challenging, and so we've provided some resources to help you find the right employment

making quality job applications

During your search for a new role, you may be tempted to complete as many applications as possible, to increase your chances of getting an interview. However, this could be counter- productive. For example, you may be making lots of applications, but are they quality applications, to the right employees who are able to support you at work so that you can reach your full potential.

There are several job search websites and apps available, whichever you choose to help you look for work and new opportunities, make sure that the roles you are looking for match your skills, experience, salary expectations, and the distance you are prepared to travel to work.

It may be helpful here to:

  • write a check list for yourself to guide you.
  • compare your checklist with role information or role description.
  • decide on a quick filter or assessment system for you, for example, 1 to 10, 1 being it matches one item on my checklist, to 10 matching all your list of wants and needs.
  • if this has narrowed down the number of applications you have, please complete the next step below.

 ask yourself

  • ‘What are my support needs at work?’. When you have decided what these are for you, write it down, so you know what to ask or look for.
  • ‘Is this the right potential employer for me?’
  • ‘Will this employer provide me the right support for me?’

To help you decide if they are the right employer for you, please use links below, and see if the employer is listed here as a good employer, and what they do to support employees:

Time to change - pledged employers

Mindful employers


Remploy can help with CV’s, coaching and searching for the right role, however some offices require you to be referred to them by the job centre.           

contact :0300 456 8110

find a local branch to you

please be aware that we aren't able to offer job coaching. However, you can visit the Jobcentre Plus website to find services in your area.

Bipolar UK's eCommunity is a very helpful peer support resource with a topic on employment, money and benefits

Read our Employee's Guide to Bipolar and Employment

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