Priadel® An Important Update

An important update following Bipolar UK and others urged Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock MP to ensure a brand of lithium taken by people with bipolar disorder remains available to treat patients in the UK. Read more

Medication and weight gain

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Writing an advance choice document

We offer advice on writing an advance choice document – relating to personal welfare, property and financial affairs, if you become unwell . Read more

Ending up in A&E and starting medication

Over the past couple of weeks Anna has experienced a manic episode. Here's her account of what she has been through. Read more

Bipolar recovery is more than just taking your meds

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New service in South London reduces hospital readmissions for people with bipolar disorder

A specialist programme at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) has been shown to significantly reduce the rate of hospital readmissions for people with bipolar disorder, Read more

Should I come off my medication?

Popular social media personality, Olivia Callaghan, delivers yet another thought provoking article around bipolar disorder. Read more

Research Roundup: Good news for those of us taking lithium!

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"I feel I am the expert on my own mental health"

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Young people help shape bipolar services in North East

More than 30 individuals took part in an engagement day at the Adolescent Bipolar Service (ABS). Read more