Mutual Partnership Aims

How can our club get involved? Full partnership plan available here

1. Expand our Reach or email [email protected]

Together, we can expand our reach through engaging across our communities and reaching out to 20% more people affected by bipolar.




·       Look at the Rotary subsite – available on Bipolar UK’s website from August for information
        updates and useful downloads.

·       Share national updates/news about our partnership with local press/ on social media

·       Sign up to Bipolar UK’s newsletter or follow us on social media so that you can see and share the
        latest news, events and updates.

·       Attend our virtual conference on World Bipolar Day (30th March) and help us promote the day/event
        through your networks.

2. Increase our Impact


By championing a hugely important yet underrepresented cause in mental health.

Supporting Bipolar UK scale up its work to support 20% more people in the first year and to reduce diagnosis times.

·       Support us in sharing our campaign video “Could it be bipolar?” via social media or local/national
        networks (from August)

·       Promote Bipolar UK’s services in your local area (distribute leaflets to hospitals/GP surgeries and
        online, social media channels)


3. Enhance participant engagement


Rotarians understand more about bipolar and what support is available. This will help the 1 in 50 living with the condition as well as those who support them. It will also enable them to support others affected by bipolar in their community.



·       Download our fundraising pack (from the website – August onwards) and think about how your club
        could help support this partnership with vital funds.

·       Sign up for our virtual “Pole to Pole” fundraising walk to get motivated, active and engaging with
        Rotarians across the country to meet a collective target.

·       Use some of our short videos and interviews (available on the subsite) in club speaker slots to learn
        more about the condition.

·       Take our 15-minute “Understanding Bipolar” e-learning course and share with others (available on
        our website from August)

·       Promote volunteer positions in the local area to enable opening new support groups (as per need)

·       Volunteer if you have a professional expertise (website, SEO, data analysis, marketing etc) Please g
        et in touch

4. Increase our ability to adapt


Accelerate positive change in understanding and reacting to severe mental health conditions. Responding together to changing needs (war, economic crisis, pandemic)

·       Use and share Bipolar UK’s resources and Mood Scale to help understand the condition and the
        support available

·       Encourage healthy work practices for staff and volunteers

·       Download the leaflet prepared by Rotary and Bipolar UK for supporting refugees in the UK (Ukrainian
        and Afghan version) and ask your local MP, other useful contacts to circulate.